Pinfan and Chen Shufen’s “Sweet Days” Illustration Art Book

Pinfan and Chen Shufen, a married couple from Taiwan, form the illustration team know collectively as “Pinfen”. Their art work is widely recognized in Taiwan and has also gained a huge following in Japan. “Sweet Days” is a collection of their illustration work, both personal and commercial, including music album artwork, comics, novel covers and more.

The team work in digital format using the popular illustration software “Painter”, though both hail from traditional backgrounds and honed their artistry there.

While there’s little doubt that photography is employed as a foundation for their work, I feel Pinfen’s strength lies in their ability to augment and combine the charms of both media; photography and illustration to superb effect, and the creative result is more than the sum of both parts.

Due to their huge fan base in Japan, Pinfen’s work are also a regular fixture in the popular illustration magazine “Kikan S”, featuring other well known guest artists like Range Murata and Yoko Tanji.

I’ll love to hear what you guys think of their work – brilliant artistry; or do you have more respect for artists who rely only on the strength of their drawing skills and not photography ?

Pinfan and Chen Shufen’s “Sweet Days” Illustration Art Book details :

– Dimensions – 10.2 x 8.5 x 0.7 inches
– Hardcover with jacket, 111 pages
– Full Color in high quality print and paper, Japanese text

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