Katsuhiro Otomo + Katsuya Terada = VIVA IL CICLISSIMO!

VIVA IL CICLISSIMO! is a sumptuously delicious, 2 volume illustration collection by Katsuhiro Otomo and Katsuya Terada, without a doubt the who’s who of the manga world. Since neither artist has released any substantial volume of work as of late these book(s) are nothing short of a splendid threat for fans indeed – even if the subject matter is solely centered on professional cycling.

As avid cyclers themselves ( see this older post on Otomo to catch a glimpse of his hardware ), Otomo and Terada followed the Giro d’Italia cycling race ( Tour of Italy, the 2nd biggest and most important race after the Tour de France ) for a month gathering materials and research in preparation for this book. Otakus are a fervent bunch, but that’s perfectly fine with us fans. :]

(above) The illustrations are distributed fairly evenly among the two volumes, with the first ( hardback, book on top ) entailing the Italy trip that Otomo and Terada made, and the 2nd book filled with sketches and whimsical drawings on professional cycling, accompanied by essays.

Illustrations up to this point are all from the first hardback volume. Artwork by Otomo takes up the first half of the book, and the second half by Terada. Illustrations below are all from the 2nd volume.

(above) A somewhat familiar character appears.

(Below) The two volumes housed in a neat plastic jacket and accompanying promo band. Total number of pages 192, featuring more than 280 illustrations.

(above) There’s even a mini over the shoulder bag complete with a Terada illustration thrown in ! ( This is only available with the current limited edition on sale. While stocks last. )

Grab your copy of VIVA IL CICLISSIMO! here.

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