The Art Of Blue Submarine – Range Murata Art Book Review

Blue Submarine No. 6 ( ??6?, pronounced Ao No Rokugo ) was an OVA series produced by Gonzo in 1998 and directed by Mahiro Maeda. It was one of the first anime to extensively combine CG with traditional hand drawn animation, and while the integration might look dated by today’s standards was nonetheless an anime of high production standards, in particular the character designs by Range Murata.

(below) Range Murata’s character design sheets. His style has certainly grown even more refined and detailed over the years ( for example, if you take a look at some work for Last Exile in his art book Prismtone. ), but is still a great resource for study.

“The Art of Blue Submarine – Range Murata” art book details :

Dimensions – 10.2 x 8.3 x 0.4 inches
Soft cover with dust jacket, 94 pages
Full color / Black & White, in Japanese

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