Rakuga King – Katsuya Terada Sketches Art Book

Running over 1000 pages, renowned Japanese illustrator/concept artist Katsuya Terada’s doodles compendium “Rakuga King” feels and weighs more like a dictionary than an art book. I imagine the artist’s brain to read very much like this book if ever we were allowed to transcript his thoughts into visuals.

Somehow labeling these pieces of work as “sketches” or “doodles” seem like a bit of an understatement given the complexity and attention to detail. Works like The Monkey King and Viva Il Ciclissmo are what you get when the artist goes on full steam.

(above) Some select pages come in color.

I’ve tried to reproduce in this post the whole gamut of Terada’s work that appears in the book but there’s just way too many; ( 20 pages from over 1000 ) what you see here is but a very small sampling and I’ve left out some of the more abstract and explicitly adult content.

(above) The book comes with an attractive slipcase cardboard cover.

Rakuga King – Katsuya Terada Sketches Art Book details :

– Dimensions – 8.7 x 5.9 x 2.1 inches
– 1000+ pages
– Soft cover cardboard slip case
– Black and White with select pages in color

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