Memories of the Sky – Shinkai Makoto Background artbook

“????” ( Memories of the sky ) is a mesmerizingly beautiful, richly comprehensive collection of background art from Shinkai Makoto’s animation films, dating back from his earlier works “Voices of a Distance Star” to his latest “5 Centimeters”.

The original background plates are faithfully reproduced on print, colours are vibrant and images crisp and clean. Pictures are accompanied by the occasional production note and each one captioned by cut number.

There’s a short section at the end of the book that covers some of the techniques that the artist employ , though its largely an overview and covers more on image layout rather than actual painting tips. Also included are interviews with Shinkai Makoto and his group of background artists, all in Japanese.

Definitely a great source of reference for working background artists and should most certainly please Shinkai Makoto fans out there.

You can grab a copy of the book here.

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