Freedom screenplay + art of book 01

In an earlier post last year titled Freedom Project concept art I expressed my longing for an art of Freedom book to be published after the completion of the series, and here it is now – well, sort of. FREEDOM SCENARIOS 0-3 is a collection of the screenplays from episode 0 ( The Prologue ) to episode 3, in between some very select pieces of concept art, as shown below.

Now I was just wondering how the publishing of the screenplays, rather than a comprehensive book on Freedom’s concept, background art, cover and poster illustrations ( there’s more than enough material to fill a nice, thick A4 size volume ) can allow fans to better appreciate the creative work that has gone into the series, Freedom been after all an animation series, a decided visual piece of work rather than literary. Go figure.

There’s also some additional background information on the Freedom Nissin Cup Noodle television commercials, interviews with director Morita Shuhei, and more. I guess we can expect Book 2, covering materials for the rest of the series from 4-7 to be published some time in the near future.

Update 121008 – Book 2 has been released ! Read more about it on this post, or grab the book here.

You can grab a copy of book 01 here.

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