Freedom Scenarios 4-7 Screenplay and Artbook

With Freedom 1-7 screening at the upcoming Animation Nation 2008 in Singapore I figured it’s a fitting time for this post. Freedom Scenarios 4-7 contains the screenplay and some select concept artwork from epsiodes 4 to 7; there’s also an earlier book covering episodes 1-3.

(Below) Takeru’s Maglev Tricycle vehicle, retrofitted by Bisu for travel on earth’s rough terrain. You can see it in action in this Nissin Cup Noodle commericial, and read more about it on this older post. During production I was assigned to paint and texture that big load of lugguage strapped at the back of the vehicle. ( Texturing wasn’t really my part of my job scope, but we were really short staffed so I helped out. )

(below) Labor robots appearing in episode 6. A friend made a sharp observation that they strongly resemble mecha by Okubo Junji ( Industrial Divinities ) but after he checked with Okubo-san himself it turns out he was not involved, so they were probably designed by someone else from Sunrise I think. ( a fan maybe ? )

(above) Some making of explanations and production notes.

You can grab a copy of the book here. Also check out the first book : Freedom Scenarios 0-3.

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