“Final Fantasy XIII” Postcard Book

The talented folks from Square Enix continue to impress me with every new iteration of the Final Fantasy series, refining and improving on their cast of CG characters to ever higher levels of visual sublimity.

(above and below) Lightning, the core character of FF XIII. It should be clear by now that no character in the Final Fantasy universe ever suffer from a bad hair day.

(above) CG eye candy -that’s some pretty awesome rendering going on there. While striving for photorealism the artists at Square Enix have always maintained a distinct, stylized look to their characters, the “FF touch”, if you may. Its also a great way to avoid the uncanny valley, I think.

Any folks out there played the game yet ? Is it any good ?

Get a copy of the postcard book here. ( 24 glossy, high quality postcards housed in hardcover. )

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