Brutal Love – The twisted art of Samura Hiroaki

Warning : The following post contains Adult Content.

Fans of Samura Hiroaki’s quasi-samurai manga Blade of the Immortal are no doubt familiar with his superb artwork, including this particular artbook featuring an amazing collection of illustrations from the manga. Fewer folks however, might have seen the work from his lesser known artbook, aptly named “Brutal Love”. The art book contains an all graphite collection of some truly disturbing illustrations by Samura, with heavy bondage themes, many too macabre for my tastes.

The quality of his illustrations however, are astounding as expected, most of them rendered in a much more realistic style than Blade of the Immortal, with noticeably more detail, further adding to the grisly impact. One can only imagine what really goes on in the mind of the artist behind such disturbing work.

The illustrations in the book comes with copious amount of full frontal nudity, but none of which I have reproduced here to keep the contents PG – barely. ( let me know if any of the images are still too offensive and I will have them removed. )

(below) The somewhat innocent looking cover belies the grim contents of the book.

Samura Hiroaki – manga genius, or twisted mind ? You decide.

You can get a copy of the book here.

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