Art of Ponyo production artbook Miyazaki Hayao

We’ve looked at the beautiful watercolor storyboards in Part I, now let’s move on to the concept and background art for Ponyo. ( By the way, Ponyo is in competition at the Venice Film Festival 2008, may it take the Golden Lion home ! ) ????Here we go !

(Below) Character studies for Sosuke and Ponyo, very often done wtih mini comic scenarios.

(above) Who won’t want to live in such a charming house ? Note the curved, translucent plastic shelter for the parking lot; its designed just like the one found at the real Ghibli Studios in Musashi Koganei.

(above) A giant background art plate. The original art piece was on display at the Studio Ghibli Layout Designs exhibition.

You can get a copy of this artbook here.

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